Donuts, Diamonds, and Dreams
"This book is a practical tool to continue the engagement process with your family. Children talk to your parents. Parents talk to your children. It’s never too early." --Bill Severns

Let this book guide conversation with your kids - help them create their own story. A story that is (hopefully) different from ours, and better than anything he or she could imagine. Thank you for your support and for helping us get started with Donuts, Diamonds, and Dreams!

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Keepers of the Sandlot
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The Sandlot Strategy
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The Sandlot Journey DVD
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Every parent needs to see this!
— Holly Starr
TV Personality and Professional Model
Don’t ever be the coach that makes a kid give up the game.
— Kevin Seitzer
Two-Time American League All-Star
Batting Coach of the Atlanta Braves
Parents remember this! Every message you send is received!
— Richard Kramer
Athletic Director, Shawnee Mission School District

Emmy Nominated - Call of the Sandlot (ft. Bill Severns)

Learn about sandlot magic, and why it’s not too late to go back.


The sandlot movement

Jonathan Bender and John McGrath teamed up to create an Emmy-nominated documentary on the sandlot. Featured in the 25 minute film is Bill Severns, sharing his own journey to promote sacred ground. Where was your sandlot? Where is your kids’ sandlot? Certainly it’s not limited to the ball diamond. Could be a court, art room, stage, kitchen or recording studio. Let’s continue to promote value in the sandlot, before it fades from our imagination.

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It never stops. The pressure we feel in walking our kids through life never stops. Therefore, you shouldn't have to do go through it alone. Bill wants to be a voice of encouragement when you feel stuck in a rut. When you feel like you've blown it.

Like Bill talks about in his first book, Keepers of the Sandlot, we all have bad days.

Let Bill's words encourage you on a week to week basis - through newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - and know you are not alone in this Sandlot Journey.