Keep the line (kids) moving.....

In his post game interviews during the playoffs, Royals center-fielder, Lorenzo Cain has been saying something very simple yet highly significant in describing what he is trying to do with each at bat.  "I just try and keep the line moving..."

What a great approach.  It works in everything.  Especially with kids.  As a parent, you want your kids to "want" to play "next year". 

Say hi to the "Hotstix".  This is an amazing group of young girls who have just finished their season.  From their Facebook page, I think they played 200 games::)).  From the looks on their faces, they are ready to "play next year!!". 

Say hi to the "Prairie Panthers".  They had so much fun playing this year and combined with the Royal fever they now have contracted, they got together this last week-end to play at their school.  Anybody, anyone, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents and after the game we eat!!!

Say hi to the Kansas City Royals!!  They are really glad to still be playing too!!

Ned says in the Keepers of the Sandlot on page 5, "Just teach them what YOU know, do it in a positive, loving, fun way and they will remember you for the rest of their lives!".

Ultimately, it doesn't matter at which level we coach, because the principles are the same at all levels."

So mom and dad and all you wonderful coaches out there....keep the line moving!!