One day it'll click...the Millard Elite are starting to click....

Brian Holman has told me for years that when he and Randy Johnson came up together they could really throw bullets....ya think?

He would also admit that at times they had a hard time finding the strike zone.  Isn't that a scary thought if you are a hitter...oh yeah.  I spent 6 years in the minor leagues, 4 years in college and there was nothing worse than a 6'5" horse trying to find the strike zone with a 95 mph heater and 56 foot curve ball.

Because of a great friend of mine, I have watched the "Elite" through Facebook all summer.  They have had a blast.  Now that I am through coaching kids::(( I live vicariously through these young teams::)).  They wound up their summer in Orlando for a week.  The families and players really love to be together and they had a great time.  That is what is so important.  What a sandlot.

So I finally got to see them play last week-end.  They are really good.  They won the game I saw.  Here's what I saw.

A well coached, fun loving, winning team with a great bunch parents.

Then I got to sit with them for a minute.  See picture.  Eye level...I love this level.  And I was privileged to get to talk to them for a few minutes.

I have always said that at age 11 or 12, something clicks.  Well, for the Millard Elite, it's starting to.  The double play to end the game would have made Alcides and Omar proud.

Brian said that his coach would say to he and Randy, "when it all clicks, you'll be on your way"

They have located the strike zone.  Great job Millard parents of getting these boys to the point that they can't wait to play next year.  The "Elite" are on their way.

I miss that level. 

Cherish every moment.