A Blog full of Thanks.

My daughter in law Lindsay has always said Thanksgiving is her favorite.  Initially I kind of thought that sounded a little unusual.  But not now.  Man do we need Thanksgiving. 

In this crazy world, both the world in general and in sports, everything is so hectic. 

So please, make this Thanksgiving matter. 

Don't miss a chance to hug your family, throw the ball around,  call a friend or meet the need of a stranger if you can.  Nothing fancy, just do it.  

We have so much to be thankful for.  Not hard to see when you stop for a minute and think about it.  Just a minute....make a list

For Suzanne and myself, this has really hit home this Thanksgiving..  Will, our 4th is getting married January 30th of 2016.  Are you kidding me?  Baby Will??!!  He flew in this week-end with Lauren!!::))  Baby Lauren??!!  Her mom and dad are saying, Are you kidding me?  They had a "couples" shower.  We are so thankful for these wonderful children, now amazing adults.

                                                                        Will and Lauren

                                                                        Will and Lauren

Great song a few years ago, Don't Blink.

Time flies, enjoy every day and be thankful.

Our family will stop by.... now in pairs.  We will get amazing hugs, 8 grand children.  We are so thankful.

The Royals are World Champs.  We are thankful.  Kansas City experienced an amazing Fall Classic, topped off with a World Series Championship Trophy and an outpouring of fan support.  700,000 thankful strong!!  Congrats to all the team, who had fun playing the game, played fearlessly, never quit and accomplished the goals they have had since little league.

"The Sandlot Journey" won a film festival award at the IndieFEST.  I am so thankful for Rick Waggener as a friend, artist and film maker for the Journey!!  The Award of Excellence recognizes, Truly Exceptional Film Making!!  Check it out on our web-site.  Rick and I are so thankful for George, Ned, Kevin, Joe, Frank...and the host of friends who gave us their time.


The fall has been amazing.  We are thankful.

We will have a beautiful week planned and realize that for this we are blessed and should be thankful. 

Moms and Dads of the Sandlot, we are thankful for you.  You are the ones who drive the cars, protect the kids, go to work and keep it together.

See how easy it is...take a minute...get a pencil...relax...make a list and have a Happy Thanksgiving. 

In all things, give thanks.

In all things, give thanks.