Avoid the "awkward silence".

The Sandlot Journey begins.  OK, here we go, Sam, Jeremy and Rick say I have to do a blog.  We'll see how it goes::))  I'm coachable!!

How can I start without thanking everyone for making this happen?  Too many to thank, won't even try.  So....if you know any of us...thank you.  Our kids are the reason we are so passionate about this Journey and together, we will make it, promise::)).   Always easy?...no...Always worth it?...yes.

Just be there for your kids.  They will ultimately keep us humble and help us through this thing called "parenthood".

After the "premiere", Drew and I were talking and he says, "you know, you were pretty good on the ride home, most of the time."  I exclaimed, "MOST of the time, what are you talking about??  "Well, as good as it was, there were lots of times when the "awkward silence" was almost too much.

In The Journey, Natasha talks about wanting to go to sleep instead of talk, Les asks his son, "why are you upset, who told you you struck out 3 times? I didn't", Brian said, "I just started talking baseball, I had no idea what was really on David's mind.  Mac says, "after all, we are parents and we want some answers!!"

Man, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  "Every message you send is received"....and silence may be the worst.

On the ride home, start quickly with the good stuff...and then go eat.