Play catch...don't ever stop.

With all of my children, we played catch before they could walk or talk.

In The Sandlot Journey, George Brett says, "sometimes I think parents quit playing catch with their kids".  Don't stop!!! ::))

In that short time, you will watch them grow-up.  You will see them begin to handle short-hops, (Hosmer) type stuff.  You will watch them learn to move their feet, (Frank White type stuff) and begin to throw accurately, (Gordo) type stuff.  It takes time, patience and encouragement, but it is the best time!!  Laugh, have fun and soak it in!!! You will be so thankful you did!!

Over time, that game of catch will probably be your kids fondest memory of your time together.

Watch "Field of Dreams" and see if you agree.

Play catch...while you can.