We had a garage sale last week-end.  Empty nesters...gonna clean out all the junk.  What's junk when it comes to your kids?  OK, tough guy, what do you want to throw out?  Remember when you used to look at a messy room and want to say something?  Now you wish the "culprit" was actually there to mess it up.  Be careful what you wish for.

So...I'm walking off and the garage sale is in full swing and Suzanne says, "Here, take Doug".  There was a long time when Will and Doug went everywhere.  Doug for a $1???.  I don't think so.  I grabbed Doug and laid him in the backseat.

So, I'm at the athletic club in the restaurant and start talking about The Sandlot Journey and the years that we had with our boys and the talk gets a little sentimental.

Probably the biggest and toughest says, "You know, now the room next to my office is empty and I kind of wish it wasn't". 

OK, all you tough guys out there, call your kid and check in.  They'll love to hear your big ol tough voice.

Doug's riding with me.