Well done, Mr. Young.

Sunday September 27th, 2015 will go down in Royals baseball history as one of the most amazing, memorable and significant memories we will ever have at "The K".

On the final home game of the season, Chris Young, (a.k.a. C. Y.) took to the bump, (that's baseball talk for the pitchers mound).  The Royals were in danger of being swept by the red-hot Cleveland Indians, on the most gorgeous day of the year, in front of 37,000+fans wanting to end the home stand with a much needed win.

Up until this day, C. Y. has not been in the starting rotation.  But today his team needs him.  He has a game to pitch. In his mind it is his obligation to his team.

What no one in the stands knows however, is that the night before, his dad had passed away. 

Sunday, September 27th, 2015.  Chris Young threw a 5 inning no-hitter at Cleveland leading the Royals to a 3 to 0 win. By the time the game was over and everyone heard about his father, Chris was in the air, on his way home to be with his father and family.

He fulfilled his obligation to his teammates. He didn't want to let them down.

He didn't want to let his dad down either.  His dad would have wanted him to pitch.  He learned that in the sandlot days with his dad.  He learned about life.

The day I leave this earth, my wish for my wife and family is that they wake up the next day and keep playing.  As a parent, if that happens, you have done a great job.

Well done, Mr. Young...thank you for sharing your son with us.