Hey Coach, do we get to hit today?? Please!!!.....Absolutely!!

It's January 22.  It's 21 degrees outside.  Feels like 21 degrees.

It's time to hit!!!!!!!  Royals Fan-fest is next weekend and it is time to hit. Take your team to Fan-fest if you can.  It's warm in there and the Hot-Stove is lit Everybody wants to hit.  Even pitchers want to hit.  Hitting is what it's all about. Your Sandlot team wants to hit. Hit...Hit...Hit. 

It all starts at home  When you gather your team around you at home plate, they want to hit.  Get em hitting.  

We all like to talk hitting.  We all had someone who taught us to hit. You are the coach, it's your job::))  What a privilege!!, you get to teach kids how to hit!!! It takes a long time to learn how to hit. You have a round ball and a round bat and you gotta hit it square!!!.  It is hard, that's why it has to be fun.  

Like I mentioned yesterday, Charlie Lau taught George Brett how to hit.  

He said,"there are 60,000 ways to hit a baseball, but there are 10 "absolutes" that all the great hitters absolutely do".  "That's what Charley burned into my head"  He climbed up on his book-shelf and handed me his copy of "The Art of Hitting 300". Get yourself a copy of this book just for fun.  It'll help you sound smart when you talk about hitting::)) 

Again, there are as many ways to coach as there are coaches. This is what makes baseball...baseball.  Everybody has a theory, an opinion, it is called, "passion". The love of the game is what we pass on to our kids. There are as many batting stances as there are batters...you get it.

So as you head out to teach your boys and girls how to hit, have a blast. 

Here are Charlie Lau's 10 "absolutes". The 10 things that all the great hitters absolutely do.. Now remember, you have children in the sandlot.  They won't be able to do all this yet.  It is just something you can begin to talk about and build on.  

Balance, get "comfortable" in the box.  

Rhythm... (Watch the pitcher, figure it out, stay balanced. shifting/Moving at the right time, timing...It comes with experience)

Weight shift... (Sitting back, then striding..It comes with experience)

Front foot closed... (Don't let that front foot fly open, you lose power)

Launch... (Fun to see when it all comes together, but this one takes a while)

Positive drive at the pitcher... (right up the middle)

Tension-free... (Relax.... tension keeps you from swinging like you should)

Head down... (Head in the zone, see it better, into the catcher's mitt))

Use the whole field... (Moose learned to do it real good these past couple years!!)

Hit through the ball....hard...follow-through....drive it...good. 

The Sandlot Strategy is a practical guide for parents to teach their kids how to play the game.  Your kid wants to talk about this stuff with you. This is the good stuff. Trust me, the time goes very quickly and you don't want to miss one day. I don't get to go to Fan-Fest.  Will is getting married this week-end.  You kidding me?

Get to Fan-Fest. The Royals, (our Boys in Blue), our World Champions absolutely want to talk hitting.   Take your bats, get em signed.  Have a great day. Les Norman will be there talking about hitting...get his book!!!

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