Hey guys, my dad says we can stop em if we pull together and don't quit...

Here's a great letter from a friend of mine.  We talk about our kids all the time.  A few weeks ago, he shared this story.  I couldn't have made up a blog better than this, so here it is.  Periodically, these "guest" blogs are going to show up.  Not because I am lazy::)) but because they are so darn good.

I would hope that your New Year's coaching resolution will be to realize how important you are.  There are so many lessons in just this one blog, competing, never giving up, having a Royal mindset, never believing that you are beat before you even play, playing til the whistle blows.....  Never underestimate the power of your teaching and coaching dad.  Bill is very consistent in this, he is there for his son and his friends.   

Life Lessons

I’ve been holding life lesson conversations with my son to help him develop his character and never giving up.

I noticed his first tendency is to want to give up or believe he or his team is going to get beat before they even take the field. Young boys on his baseball and football team whisper doubts and statements such as, “They’re undefeated. We’re going to get crushed today.”

I’ve repeatedly told him to ignore those words, play the game (whatever game it may be) until the clock runs out and then worry about the score. If at the end of the game you’ve lost, then you know you’ve given it your all and you did not give up.

The Kansas City Royals have provided plenty of examples. As we watched many games this season and with so many late comebacks in the post season, none have been as spectacular as winning the World Series. I used each and every game as an example.

I often wondered if my son was hearing what I was saying. Could he grasp and understand the concepts. He gave me an example that showed me he really got it, believed it, and put it into practice.

In a recent football game he was playing, the other team had marched to the 2 yard line. Our boys stopped them from scoring on the first attempt. Then our boys received a penalty for off-sides on 2nd down. With 3 attempts left at the 1 yard line, the opposing team calls a time out. Before our coach came onto the field to discuss the strategy with the boys, my Son gathers all the boys and says, “My dad has been teaching me to not give up until the clock stops, to keep playing  and then see what happens. So today, let’s not give up until the clock stops.”

So how did the next 3 plays end? The boys stopped them on 2nd and 3rd down. On 4th and goal with a half yard, my Son, gets into the backfield, sacks the Quarterback for a 6 yard loss. The boys ended up shutting the team out because they didn’t quit until time ran out.

We can’t win all the games we play, whether it be sports or life in general, but we should never go into it believing we are going to be defeated. The game of life doesn’t stop until the clock runs out.

Thank you Royals for playing a full game and for providing a truly positive example for our kids and for us to live by.

Bill Hinds