37 Minutes

"From Day 1, when they come right out of the womb, talk to your child.  You want your child to talk to you, so talk to your child...Be their anchor and support system so they can let you help them."

From the Keepers of the Sandlot - Last Chapter, The Ride Home.  page 102.

So the phone rings at 9:06 and it's Drew.  Drew is 30.  He doesn't often call at 9:06 just to talk.  The Royals are quietly going into the night in the grip of Jose Fernandez and the Miami Marlins.  

"Hey Pops".

"Hey buddy, what's the matter?"

"Well, I just called to talk because I can. Don't know what I'll do when I can't.  Just glad you're here for me to talk to".

So we talked.  He needed to talk.  He has started a new job and he is killing it. He just doesn't know it yet, or realize how great he is doing.  The results don't come as fast as they did in another job.

He was focused on the wrong things.  He is dwelling on the rough times, the people who didn't believe in him, the lack of success he is having at the moment... the things that we all do periodically.

From the day they are born to the day you die. Your kids need you to be there.   Never assume they don't.  Give them all of your attention while you can.

I helped him focus on the right things.  I said, "Buddy, remember the day all of your teammates at Taylor stood and watched you pitch your final inning. Remember the banquet when the all wept at the thought of you not being there anymore.  Remember the way you played the game at your last job and the way your employees stood by your side because you loved them?"

I wrapped it up with this.  "Just keep playing like Jeter.  Derek Jeter was the Yankees shortstop for many years.  He was the Captain.  They won many championships with Jeter playing shortstop... just playing shortstop...every day."

That's all we can do... play our position.  We can't play them all.

And the success will come... just keep doing your job.

And Drew wrapped it up with this.  "Pops, thanks for these 37 minutes.  I really needed to talk.  I'm ready now to get some sleep and get after it tomorrow... good night Pops."

I didn't know we were being timed.