Keep It... Simple

This week I got an email from Ben Wornall and Kyle Vena who ran a "backyard baseball" event for kids in third and fourth grade.  I would love it if you would take a minute to watch this video.  Watch as these kids all play together and really enjoy learning the game.  There's no shouting, there's no screaming, there's no pressure.  Just a group of kids learning to play the game and really enjoying themselves.

My favorite part of the video is watching the kid who is playing catcher for the first time in his life.  He's just terrific.  You can see his excitement as he throws to pick off the runner at first. He has seen Salvy do it so he knows just what to do.  He's finding his own way in the game at his own pace and just loving it.

Here's to Ben and Kyle and the folks who put together the backyard baseball event.  People like that are real heroes to the kids.  The guys and gals who just show up for these kids make such a huge impact. This first event filled up quickly and I have no doubt these events are just going to get bigger and better.  Coaches like Ben are helping to create that safe place for kids to find themselves through play, and that's really what the sandlot is all about.