One Day It'll Click

I love this picture.  On so many days, I think I looked just like the coach in that picture. Time certainly flies - enjoy today with your kids. 

I did, however, refuse to wear a uniform for fear of looking like this great dad/coach.  Always appreciated the coaches who could pull it off... 

Brian Holman, a dear friend and MLB pitcher for many years, threw 100 MPH along with his best friend: Randy Johnson. But they had to learn how to throw strikes.  His pitching coach said to him one day, "Don't worry, one day it’ll click and you’ll be successful. But you need to throw strikes - throwing hard won't get you to the big leagues.”  Great parents, coaches and teachers are patient and know how to motivate, give hope and feed the fire.

You do not know what your kid will do.  Neither do they. So relax. Make your "Legacy" one of patience, fun and letting the kids see what “they” love to do the most.  It will happen, trust me, you don't know what the future holds. It will get here soon enough. What you "can" do is let them play and have fun AND you can teach them the life skills they will need to be successful in whatever they do.

The story I tell the most often is about a kid who played for me named Mike. His dad always helped coach, his mom was a teacher and they were "all in" as a family.  Mike loved the game more than most. He didn't get many hits, but he couldn't wait to bat. I loved to coach Mike. I always told him to "keep swinging" because a swinging bat is dangerous!!  Well, one day it clicked for Mike - he graduated from Harvard in something like "bio-nuclear medicinal engineering.” Mike took his swing to medicine. I bet he has experienced the need to "keep swinging".  Sports are supposed to teach you how to keep swinging and get you prepared for when it clicks.

One day I watched an interview with Tom Watson, Hall of Fame golfer from Kansas City.  They asked him when he knew "golf" was going to be his career. He said, "Well, it was when I was 14 and I won a Kansas City tournament. I said to myself, ‘hey, I kind of like this, I may be pretty good at golf, I think this may be what I want to do.'“ Just like it did for Tom, one day it’ll click for your child...enjoy today.  The taste of success is powerful.

A good clue as to what your child may do is when they start to be successful at something.  Each child has a different "bent" or "gift". The sandlot is where they hopefully discover what they may want to focus on..

But of all the stories, I can't get Max's out of my mind.  Max's dad is a long time great friend. He coached Max all through the little league process.  When Max turned 15, his dad comes up to me and says, "Guess what? Max doesn't want to play baseball anymore.” I said, "What does he want to do?"  "Play the bass violin". I said, "Get a bigger car." Last month Max accepted a college scholarship to play the bass violin after touring the country listening to offers.  Good offers....really good offers.

Max is doing what he loves the day, it clicked.  It WILL click for your kid too. Relax and cherish every moment. Hope that clicks...