Bill Severns is a former professional baseball player having played in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system for 6 years. Prior to his professional career, he was a Sporting News and AACBC (American Association of College Baseball Coaches) All-American and Second Team Academic All-American from the University of Oklahoma. During his time at OU, he had the unique privilege of participating in the College World Series four years in a row. He was also a staff member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes throughout college.

After his own 22-year career playing the game, he began a 28-year marathon of coaching his son’s little league teams. He has recently written a book, “Keepers of the Sandlot.” The purpose of the book is to encourage parents and coaches and help them enjoy their kids in the developmental years of little league. It is a book about life lessons based on his experience at every level of the game. While playing the game was his passion, coaching his kids proved to be even more rewarding and challenging. The book is dedicated to the parents, players, coaches and teachers who work hard every day to shape children’s lives and play the game of life the way it is supposed to be played. Bill’s second book is called “Sandlot Strategy”; it is a parents’ manual for coaching kids.

Bill lives in Prairie Village, Kansas, with his wife of 38 years, Suzanne. They are the proud parents of Matthew, Sarah, Drew and Will. With great joy, Bill and Suzanne have the wonderful role of being grandparents to 8 grandchildren. Bill works for Shafer, Kline, & Warren, a civil engineering firm out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Bill Severns